Get collateral free business loans instantly



Loan Amount


Interest: Starting at 1.5 % Per Month

EMI: Starting at Rs. /- Per Month


Get collateral free business loans instantly


Loan Amount


Interest: Starting at 1.5 % Per Month

EMI: Starting at Rs. Per Month

How it works?

14 Aug 2022


You Apply

It will just take you 10 minutes to apply online.

14 Aug 2022


We Offer

We work the magic and you get the loan offer within few hours.

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14 Aug 2022


15 Aug 2022


You E-Sign

Upload your KYC documents and e-sign our loan agreement.

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18 Aug 2022


We Disburse

We disburse money in your bank account within 48 hours.

18 Aug 2022


Documents Required
We believe in Minimal paperwork

Bank Statement

6 months bank
statements in PDF.

PAN Card

A valid PAN Card

Aadhaar card

Aadhaar is optional. You may provide other identity/address proof.

Business Proof

Any business
registration proof.

Why Us

100% Digital

Fast & Paperless Transactions

Minimum Documents

No Financials Required

Transparent & Secure

No Hidden or Extra Charges

100% Focus

Small Business Loans to micro businesses

Fastest to Disburse

48 hours disbursal from e-sign

Amazing Customer Service

Best in class customer experience



  • Q. What is RupeeGO? expand_more

    A. RupeeGo is a "Digital Lending Platform" which provides quick collateral free/unsecured business loans to small businesses without any need for physical paperwork.

  • Q. Where is Your Office? Do you have branches? expand_more

    A. Our head office is in Gurugram, Haryana. We do not have any branches. We believe that in digital age, physical presence is of little value.

  • Q. Then where Do I visit for applying for loan or any service issue? expand_more

    A. You are not required to visit our office or our partner NBFC office to apply for loan. Our Loan application process is 100% digital. If you need any help during your application process or after loan has been disbursed, you can reach us as below:
    Call: +91 9315565819

    If you still need to communicate to us in writing, you can send letters to below address:
    Basesix Online Services Pvt Ltd
    2nd Floor, Building 77B
    CRS Towers, Sector 17/18 Dividing Road
    Sector 18, Gurugram
    Haryana- 122015

  • Q. How is RupeeGo better than other Banks/NBFC ? expand_more

    A. We believe that customer experience is of utmost importance in financial transactions, and our team is 100% committed to delivering best customer experience.

    1. We are 100% paperless, meaning you do not need to submit physical copies of documents.
    2. Minimal Documentation, meaning you only need to submit last 6 months bank statement and basic KYC documents. IT return/GST return etc is NOT mandatory.
    3. 100% focus on business loans to small merchants. We only service self employed segment and that too, only individual proprietors.
    4. Faster Approval process, you can expect to get loan offer, if approved, within 24 hours of completing online loan application and submitting 6 month bank statement.
    5. Faster disbursement, you can expect to receive money in your bank a/c within 3 days of submitting clear documents on our website.
    6. Our loans are completely collateral free.
    7. We service "New to Credit Customers"
    8. We service businesses which have been operational for just more than 12 months.
    9. We are transparent in our pricing and terms.
    10. Lastly we reward good credit behavior. We not only offer lower interest rates to borrowers with good credit history, we also promise to give top up loans at much lower rates if you maintain good repayment track record.

  • Q. Is your website safe? expand_more

    A. SSL Certified secure communication and 256 bit encryption to safeguard your data.

  • Q. Which Cities/Locations do you serve? expand_more

    A. As of now we are only serving customers in Delhi NCR and Mumbai Metropolitan Region. However we will shortly be expanding to other cities. As a Digital Lender, we think geographical expansion for us is only a matter of time.

  • Q. How much amount can I borrow ? expand_more

    A. We provide business loans from INR 50,000 to INR 5,00,000.

  • Q. How Do I apply for a loan? expand_more

    A. You need to first register on out website On registration you will be prompted to verify your mobile number and Email ID. Once you have done this you can start your online application. At this stage you only need to submit last 6 months bank statement along with your demographic information. You will be asked to submit KYC documents only after you receive a loan offer from RupeeGO.

  • Q. When Do I repay? expand_more

    A. You can chose to repay us in flexible 6Months/12Months/18Months/24 Months, equal monthly installments.

  • Q. How do I repay? expand_more

    A. Our preferred repayment mode is through NACH mandate. We may ask for PDCs for initial 1-2 months till NACH mandate is registered.

  • Q. How much interest rate do you charge? expand_more

    A. We charge reasonable interest rates starting from 1.5% per month (Flat). Please note that interest rate is a function of your past credit history, your profile and loan amount applied. You will know about interest rate once you receive offer letter.

  • Q. Do you charge any Processing Fee/File charges ? expand_more

    A. We only charge the below fee which will be deducted from your disbursal amount:-
    Processing Fee: 2% of Loan Disbursal Amount + GST@18%
    Documentation Charges: Rs. 2,000 + GST@18%
    Please note that these are Standard charges.
    NO other Hidden charges will be taken from you.

  • Q. Do you charge Prepayment penalty ? expand_more

    A. We understand your business may generate unexpected higher cash flows. So we give you flexibility to make prepayment without any charges.

  • Q. What documents I need to submit ? expand_more

    A. We believe in Minimal paperwork.

    1. Last 6 Months completed Bank statement
    2. PAN Card
    3. Aadhaar Card or any other residence address proof
    4. Business Proof i.e one of the below documents:
      1. Gumasta/Shops & Establishment Certificate
      2. GST
      3. Udyog Aadhaar
      4. Any industry body registration certificate
      5. ITR showing business income

  • Q. Do I need to sign an agreement ? expand_more

    A. Yes. You will need to sign a legal borrower agreement with our partner NBFC. However, you need not worry, agreement can be signed using Aadhaar based E-Sign facility as long as your mobile number is linked to Aadhaar.

  • Q. Do I need to provide a Guarantor ? expand_more

    A. We believe, family support is essential to success of a business venture. Hence we request our customers to add one of their "close relative" as guarantor/co borrower. Definition of close relative includes, spouse/parents/children/siblings.

  • Q. Where Do I check status of my application ? expand_more

    A. You can log into our website ( with your Mobile No / Email and OTP. You will be automatically directed to the Customer Dashboard where you can see the status of your Application in the 1st Box at the top left.
    If you still face any issues please feel free to contact us:-
    Customer Care Number: +91-9315565819

  • Q. What can I use this loan money for ? expand_more

    A. Our loan proceeds can only be used for legitimate business purpose. Some ways we feel our borrowers use this capital:-

    1. To purchase inventory
    2. To buy equipments needed for business
    3. Business Expansion
    4. Working Capital
    5. Shop Renovation / Beautification

  • Q. I am Salaried, can I apply for loan ? expand_more

    A. We regret. RupeeGO is a dedicated platform for business loans only.

  • Q. Do you fund new business ? expand_more

    A. We are happy to fund any business which has been operational for more than 12 months.

  • Q. What type of businesses are funded ? expand_more

    A. We are a dedicated platform for small and micro businesses. Currently we cater to only merchant establishments such as Kirana Stores, Chemists, Stationery Shops, gift shops, telecom Shops, tours and travels, hardware/electrical stores, consumer durable shops etc.

  • Q. I run my business from home. Can I get loan ? expand_more

    A. If you run your shop from your house, we will fund your business. However, unfortunately at this stage we will not be able to serve freelancers/contractors/traders.etc working from home

  • Q. I have a Pvt Ltd company, Limited Liability Partnership or Partnership. Can I get loan ? expand_more

    A. Currently RupeeGo is only serving Proprietorship firms.

  • Q. Do You pull CIBIL? Do I need to have credit history ? expand_more

    A. Yes. We do a bureau check before offer is made to you. However having prior credit history is not important.

  • Q. So how Do I know If I am eligible to apply for loan ? expand_more

    A. You are most welcome to apply for loan if you fulfill below basic criteria:

    1. You have a legitimate business, operational for at least for 12 months.
    2. You have a shop/outlet either rented or owned
    3. Your annual credits in bank a/c should be minimum 3 Lacs.
    4. You are in the age group of 24-60 years.

  • Q. I want to maintain Good credit Behavior ? expand_more

    A. We strongly recommend that you maintain sufficient balance in your Bank a/c as per agreed EMI dates. On time payment of all the installments will help you improve your credit score which in turn will help you borrow money at lesser interest rates in future.

  • Q. What If I delay/Default in EMI payments ? expand_more

    A. Any Delay/Default in loan amount including interest is not healthy for your relationship with lenders. There are consequences ranging from bounce charges to penal interest to full loan amount being recalled to adverse reporting in credit bureaus. In rare circumstances, if you fore see cash flow challenges, we encourage you to reach out to us proactively. We will try our best to offer solutions for genuine problems.

  • Q. My application was rejected, Can I reapply ? expand_more

    A. No need to be disheartened If your application has been rejected by us. You can Re apply after 6 months. In the interim period, we want to encourage you to improve your banking transactions and also keep a check on your bureau history.

  • Q. I want to know more about Bank A/C submission. What things to take care ? expand_more

    A. You shall keep in mind below points while submitting bank statement:

    1. We need last 6 completed months statement.
      For example if you are applying for a loan any day in April 2019, You need to submit bank statement from 1st Oct 2018 to 31st Mar 2019.
    2. Submit bank a/c statement for the a/c which has maximum business transaction
    3. Statement shall ONLY be PDF format which is either downloaded from internet banking or received on email directly from bank

  • Q. What is Top up Loan ? expand_more

    A. Sometimes it may happen that we may offer loan amount lower than your expectation after analyzing your banking transactions. Basis your repayment track record you may be eligible for another loan after 3 months.